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That´s... wow. It feels like my heart rate has changed. ^^

xavier encinas

apparently the flashmobs are still not dead. Nice :-)

Jacinta Brockie

Wow, I want to move to London...NY feels so dead at the moment.


Look at those little old lady's dancing along... This stuff would never happen state-side. We're all too serious all the time...

Prescott Perez-Fox

I wonder how many people missed their train because of this.


This reminds me of a similar (non-advert, not for profit) event put together by the group Improv Everywhere: http://improveverywhere.com/2008/01/31/frozen-grand-central/

@jkirchartz, see it does happen state-side!

a pretty pill

this is so refreshing! this actually just made my day.


Much needed video for the day.


a) Why I never know about these things so I can see them live
b) I would hate them if I were running late for a tube
c) http://www.bodytype.ru/#/en/bodyType


I was watching Channel 4 when this came on and it really moved me. It felt very uplifting especially seeing people smile and join in. A beautiful moment in the world.

Steve light

Reminds me of Terry Gilliam's "The Fisher King" grand central waltz scene--genius!


I think I just got teary eyed watching that. Made me feel better about the world and the people in it.


I always look forward to all the neat stuff you post. Left an award for you on my blog.


lovin this! crazy T-Mobile crowd sync brilliance


I would have LOVED to be there, AMAZING...


@Prescott Perez-Fox

agree. Before playing the video, I thought it's the same video judging from how similar the concept is.
They probably play the improv video as reference for the ad pitch.


You make me wanna Jump . lalala :D


It'd make me a lot happier if it wasn't an advert.



tilda b. hervé

wow!this made my day!


As Andy said, shame an advertising agency made a lot of money off T-Mobile doing something that the general public used to randomly get together and do. I walked through Liverpool St. when they were doing it and every entrance was covered by a Saatchi & Saatchi disclaimer saying they could use my image in the advert if I walked into the station.




we´ll i´m not so happy with this kind of commercials - the idea comes clearly from the already named improv everywhere - group.

this situation reminds me to the rip off of fischli&weiss´s "lauf der dinge" by a japanese car manufactur - for which they got sued by the artists (F&W won the case)

the sassy kathy

omg fantastic. i want that kind of thing to happen in real life every single day.


although not where you found it, perhaps a better attribution.


joanna goddard

amazing, i love this!


Don't mean to spoil everybody's fun, but I hate the way German Telekom (and thus T-Mobile) is occupying and adopting themes from popular and underground culture. In Germany they had a commercial featuring british TV sensation Paul Potts and his astonishing "opera debut" on this whateveritwascalled superstar show. That, just as this, has nothing to do with the product itself and only tries to cover up the sucky service that Telekom provides (how are they doing in the US? In Germany there is nothing suckier than Telekom, not even a sweet strawberry popsicle.) by this ugly Anbiederung to pop and underground culture. Yuk. I just hope that the Saatchi & Saatchi is really ripping Telekom off big time.


Impressive. Group psycology. Mankind...

Simon Fleming

The fact that it was a commercial that borrowed off of the Improve everywhere group (absolutly wonderful) doesnt take away from the point that it was is a great piece. As more and more people started to join in I could feel my smile get bigger and bigger. I love well done creative commercials and this one was great.

{ kattyface }

believe it or not, i have a "faithinhumanity" tag in my del.icio.us bookmarks - and this was just added! it is what i look at when i am having a bad day, or month (i was rear ended twice in one month, and both by total jerks!)...

Prêt à Voyager

THAT is awesome! Thanks for making my day, Tina!



This is wicked! I wish I had been at that station that day!! love it! x


Its great, but it is a shameless ripoff.....what happened to creatives at Ad agencies that actually created something original themselves? I guess they can't compete with the amazing creativity of ordinary people. There are increasingly numerous examples of this over the last few years. Being influenced is one thing but straight plagiarism for a commercial client is another.

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