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I've been using it for a month and its hit or miss since it crashes all the time.


Just thoguht I'd throw this in, in regards to the comment above... I've never had it crash on me and the effects can be fun in moderation


Also see : The Quadcamera, which reminded me the Action Sampler Lomo


oups. haven't noticed you already posted about this other app.


I've just spend a couple of hours updating my jailbroken iphone with some new firmware. finally it's working, now i can get the camerabag, pano, quad etc etc...

just wanted to let you know that if your software version is too old for a certain app, and you try and download it but gets a no-go because of your old software, then it will be free when you update to the new software - because the iphone thinks, that you've already downloaded it and then "updates the app" for free...

JP Holecka

You can actually make some cool animated gifs with with QuadCamera as well:


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