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Susannah (Petunia Face)

Oh dear. Please no one let my husband see this. I mean, did George Costanza write this?

In my experience architects are full of self-loathing as they studied so hard for their passion and got their license only to be paid poorly with a load of liability.

I mean, I find that sexy--I married one--but I'm kinky like that.


She's totally right, you know. We get paid peanuts.


and men picked PR. Possibly because their entire profession is built around fellating

Just saying!


gee, i'm surprised "models" didn't make the men's top sexiest list. just shows you what men only think about.


What about female architects??


I'm very disappointed we are not considered sexy as well!


I'm very disappointed we are not considered sexy as well!


I used to work at an architects and I think there's a massive disconnect here between perception and reality - if they knew how long they have to work for the (not particularly large) pay packets they receive, I think the survey would be different!


Well, maybe men still find it too intimidating to be in a company of a woman with such a personality traits...


hmmm...i thought it was talking about how architect's are sexist.

signed- female architecture intern


Well... at least I'm on there for 2nd sexiest female!


an unmissable architect's meme dating back at least to 2005 (http://tr.im/2xet) and resurfacing now and then for our repeated amusement...


that url should click as http://tr.im/2xet


that url should click as http://tr.im/2xet


how about chuchichäschtli designers?


I sent this article to a bunch of my friends who have ALL had bad experiences dating architects. I have also found them to be terrible, especially in long term relationship. This only goes for men...women architects rock and are some of my best friends.

Here are some of the comments I received in reply from my friends:

"Good lord, like those idiots needs more added to their ego and god complexes!"

"haha funny! besides sexy, can we add lazy, smelly and loves to sleep in bed with clothes that have wood chips all over them?"

"Also add, NON COMMITTAL, SELFISH & INSENSITIVE :) Ha, No bitterness here ;)"

"I second all the comments and I add:
socially awkward and cheap."

"I would like to add that most of them are bitter or usually old. They're similar to classical artists: they don't get famous/recognition until they're old or dead, usually both."

"non-architects are waaay hotter.....I will NEVER date an architect again....sooo not sexy.... "

Despite all the bad remarks, the truth is we all dated them, so them may actually be sexy - but JUST being sexy doesn't cut it to win a real woman!


Wait, so where was cheerleader and gymnast on the list for women?


I am an architecture student now and from what i can see, non of my male coursemates are sexy.They are smelly dirty and weak in fashion sense.Some have very stong ego that it is really hard to communicate sometimes.As for female architects, they r hot and elegance. And tats y i think female architects are way sexier than male.


Money isnt everything. As an Architect i love what i do ...That is sexy in it self...

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