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So, so smart, especially for bike unfriendly Florida. But would it only be visible at night?

Rajesh Pancholi

"Get in Lane" they say. What a cracking idea!!!!


Great idea, but how would you see it when a car's headlights blast past?


That is definitely a great idea. As long as it's not washed out by headlights (or sunrise...)

{ kattyface }

that was my friend's thesis project and it won an honorable mention in the 2007 annual student design for the international housewares competition.

hmmm, can anyone say ganked?


Carol - Brazil

wow, that is exactely what we need here in Brazil...


This is absolutely brilliant!


omigod why didn't i think of this...brilliant!

Andrew Betlyon

(post-accident trail)

"But Judge, I was traveling in the bike lane!"


This is an amazing idea, specially for that city that do not have a bike lane anymore!

It's good idea mainly if you go around during the nights!


Os recojo esta buena idea para mi blog.

Saludos desde "Recogedor".
Gollus. ;)


or you could just make sure the light you have on your FIXIE isn't some tiny blinking LED that no one can see...


Hoho, i love that!

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