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The black saves energy and reduces eyestrain. Like "Blackle," but not as ugly.

Plus it looks lovely with the yellow.


I agree and also the energy saving aspect *thumbs up*


er.... doesn't the built-in OS X app 'Stickies' do just this?


for a white background on the sticky

copy the source over and change this line of code
background: #ffef4d url(sticky.gif) no-repeat;

to this

background: #ffffff url(sticky.gif) no-repeat;

for a white background on the page
background: #FFFFFF;

and then finally drop it back on ur own server and make it your homepage.

Robert Little

A great idea. But right away i realized I'm always going to have more than 3 todo's. Oh well :(


Why is everyone thinking black saves energy? A black background (especially gray because #212121 is not back at all) does not actually save energy, and requires more energy if you have an LCD type display...

See: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/08/ten_things_you.php

I also happen to like http://nowdothis.com/ better because you can create a list longer than 3 items. And it's white!! :)


http://stick2search.com does the same thing, but it allows several sticky notes that you can move around (though I wouldn't over due it for practical reason!) and it includes a Google search box. For a start page, that seems a lot more attractive to me.

Carlos Quiterio

this should deserve to a good customizable rss screen-saver... so I can always remember my to-do's (I'm not much of a post-it user...)

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