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Dan Phiffer

From http://www.muji.com/message/

I like this, and it resonates with my experiences with Muji stuff. But there is just a little irony in what kind of customer this would be most attractive to. It's a kind of anti-bling -- purchasing becomes a symbolic gesture of being above extravagance. It might be tempting to take that idea too far, to the extent of fetishizing Muji products. Which seems counter to the original sentiment.


I fetishise muji products. I bought a pen from muji many years ago, and a woman directing a theatre project I was involved in actually said, 'I LOVE that you have a muji pen.' She didn't love the pen, she didn't love me; she loved that I had the muji pen.

I felt 'missed' by her, but slowly, over about ten years (as mujis became more ubiquitous and my disposable income came more than it went) I developed my own muji fetish.

I was always sensible - I didn't just grab handfuls of two-toed socks and kraft paper notebooks in some kind of minimalistic accessory orgy - but I did end up 'missing' muji in the end and only saw the anti-bling.

I'd be interested in hearing if anyone has suffered the 'muji effect' with another ostensibly ethical brand.

Thanks for this post. I'll still buy muji, but I'll take the time to appreciate what brought me there in the first place now, rather than the 'OMG MUJI!'thing.

End of confession.

Jack Cheng

I love this. It's a mighty fine way of saying "we believe in simplicity."


"Happiness, the nirvana of senses and aspirations, kills creativity and innovation that are born from needs and wants."

In John Naish's words: "Dissatisfaction is the driver of human endeavour".

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