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Wireless Joe

As long as the "house" for the tea bag is deep enough that the bottom of the cup won't touch it, it's OK. Otherwise, you're dripping tea from the bottom of your cup from the saucer to your shirt.


I wish we had these at work. Can you believe people actually leave their tea bags on the counter or in the sink? Sheesh, people.

Thomas Tordoff

Use a teapot


Where Do tea bags go to die? Usually in the garbage!


Ha ha, the tea bag coffin! Thank god, because I am really annoyed at having to put a soggy tea bag on the table to just sit and leak throughout my entire meal. Good idea!


Won't work for fancy-schlanzy pyramidal tea bags...

little rogue

Soooo cute! I think the idea is clever and the design is perfect. Thanks for posting. I will be thinking of this later while drinking tea and disposing of tea bags in the non-romantic way.


Very skeptical!

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