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This is a lovely design, but as a life long hospitality professional I'd have to ask why. It seems a very brutal way to treat wine, which should be handled delicately & with the love & respect. being mind full of it's creation, the only reason I can think of is to get air into it rather quickly rather than taking the time & care which it should be afforded. Remembering the wine maker, growers & all that have created it.


It looks (a lot) like a rip-off of Boo, the wonderful water carafe by Muuto.

Luke D.

Very beautiful, but I can see myself ruining a lot of tablecloths with this....

Rocio@ Shake and Shift Design

Ooohhh...I love it!

3¢ Stamp

Just one more way for me to ruin a good blouse. :-/


Lynda, I'm not sure what you mean by handling wine "delicately and with love and respect" really, but this actually might help the oxygenation process during the pour. cool stuff imo.


maybe I am not hoity enough but I really don't understand the reverence for wine, Lynda. Its just a drink.
Anyway I really like the design, its beautiful.


you can get it from skrufs glasswork
more info at her website http://www.matildasundenringner.se

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