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“In light of the uncertain residential housing market and slowing commercial construction and design projects, redesign and rehabilitation rather than new construction in both the commercial and residential sectors is likely to receive renewed focus. In blending economy with performance, interior designers will need to focus on creative solutions and cost-effective ways to meet clients’ goals in these challenging economic times,” said ASID Executive Director Michael Alin.

And hyperlink this release - http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/asid-weighs-value-design-tough/story.aspx?guid=%7BF3959918-3BA5-4376-9A36-5889F33ECF81%7D&dist=hppr

Rich Aviles

And it looks like a giant iPhone, too!

Dana - Home furnishing expert

Really interesting piece of furniture. That would be amazing as a counter top. Lets see it!


really, really cool. not $14k cool, but really cool. :^!

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