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Expensive desk clock! Love it.

Prescott Perez-Fox

wow, what a waste of energy. I hope you've got a dock adapter of some kind, otherwise your battery will be toast by your first coffee break.


The thing I love about the iPhone most (besides using it) is the new ecosystem and commerce that has opened up because of the iPhone. Love these things.

Joe Bauldoff

I squeal like a giddy schoolgirl every time the number flips in my peripheral vision... is that wrong?

Hannes Famira

I downloaded the screensaver version for the Mac and now I can't figure out how to install it. Can anybody help out with advise? Where should FLIQLO.saver go? Thanks guys. H.

Ellen F


Open your library (found in your home folder).Drag the fliqlo.saver file into the screensaver folder located in your library. Open System Preferences > Desktop and Screensave and select FLIQLO as your current screensaver. Ta da!


I like the style of it but I'm not sure if i could have a clock staring me down the whole day.


I'm such a nerd because the thought of getting rid of my old iHome clock and solely using my iPod touch made me ridiculously happy! I hooked up my old iPod wall charger behind my headboard and now I can leave my touch on the headboard to use as a clock and alarm! YAY!

Hannes Famira

Ellen, you're a genius. Thanks so much.

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