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Grüezi Frau Swissmiss - thanks for the great aggregation services. always to the point and very well selected topics. My favourites are design- and typo-related matter. En herzliche Gruess aus Zürich, Isao

dave b

This is so great! I love Michael's philosophy of being the dumbest person in the room. Good people are hard to find and it's nice to see someone appreciate his team like that. And big ups to you Tina for taking your eyes off the screen to blog for us who are 3000 miles away. Thank you!!!!


I definitely agree to the fact that this presentation was great!
His presentation was honest, personal, down to earth ... I am a huge fan myself 'bout inspiring & motivating people this way.

And it works! People enter and leave my agency with a big smile ... every day. Walking out of the conference I even thought about applying to one of their job-openings ;-)

P.S. James did a great kickoff (nice portfolio ;-)) & a bit disappointed that Tom didn't have more time.

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