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tim mckee

I agree with Ella


Ha... we'll have to move to London now!

(Though I don't want to be swinging forward with my legs dangling out when the bus comes.)

ferdinand | fudgegraphics

this is great. does anyone know where exactly this bus stop is?


nice ideea...but is it safe? u need a lot of room extra too!


If you want to see the process go here:



FUN! It looks like the bus stop near Exmouth Market....


That looks like the stop on the 38 route, um, rosebery avenue?

Magnus Juul

He stole the idea.
Check out the swedish "barsky brothers".
They (AKAY and PETER) published a book in 2006 "Urban Recreation - Akay & Peter" with pictures and stories for a few of their projects. "City Swings" were one. The streetartists are world-famous for their characteristic poster/sticker styles.
I loved the idea myself, but barsky brothers started it in 2004



I love ideas that assign a new task to an existing resource. In this case, the task of entertaining the waiting passengers is assigned to the bus stop itself...What else can the busstop do for us?

André Loibl

What an awesome idea! :-)
There should be more swing sets around - I mean everywhere!! :-)
Two weeks ago I came across a playground with a swing set - and I really really loved it to "swing" again... very relaxing... maybe this could be an idea for overworked managers...!??! :-)

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