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ohh...ella is too cute!




These Sumo "bean bags" are just a (although much cheaper) knock off of the FatBoy brand bean bags.


oh, i thought it was a fatboy. besides price, anyone know how they compare?


I bought a Sumo last year and loved it until I realized they charged me twice for it. I had a horrible experience with the customer service, of which there really isn't any. They NEVER replied to emails, I only got to speak with Mindy on the off chance I caught her in the office. I bought the sumo because it was cheaper, but after paying for it twice, and never being refunded, it was more than the FatBoy.

I am happy to see little ella enjoying it though. It is a cool chair.

Joanna Rusher

Hi Swissmiss - you know i love you darling - but this is such a rip-off of the Fatboy. I guess this is the dilemma of so many great designs that are so expensive - eventually someone out there will make it cheaper. As I am now making my own designs i realise how hard - read expensive - it is to protect them. I am challenged to make great design for great prices - but not deterred! "Impossible is nothing".


I bought an orange FatBoy a few weeks ago and am LOVING it!


I love the Sumo bean bag chair. I even wrote a blog post about it. Go check it out. Sumo blog

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