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Blair Millen

Wow! What an absolutely amazing idea, I love it :-) Another nice find.


kinda freaky!!! but what an idea!!


Buy it anyway! Ella can start looking at it as a beutiful object instead of a killing device. Probably that's the way she will see it all her life: first a beutiful design and useful object, and in a second plan, later, as a gun. ;)


Mmmm I'm with you, I don't think I'd want my child to look at it as a beautiful object...a beautiful object that mummy points at her head...Some jokes aren't designed for kids really, they aren't capable of getting the joke...a bit like putting lollies in containers designed to look like medicine.


it's always a better idea to teach children about realgun safety - that they are tools, not toys like this hairdryer or the remote control you featured a while ago.


Here's another awesome gun-styled object - a homemade bluetooth headset for the iPhone, in a white airsoft gun. Behold, the iGiveUp:



cool !

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