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Switzerland is just a small section of Montana! Sardinia is about the size of the Denver Metro area! Greece is now the Show-Me-State! :)

Iwould love to see a map where you can pick up any country (or a state) and drag it over another country to compare one-to-one, or select two countries and compare their sizes and other info...

Maps and data are always fascinating...

Daniel MacDonald

Scale Comparison of USA and Europe? Seems to be a lot of Canada going on there. Just the oft forgot neighbour to the north.


I second the above comment; that's North America and Europe plus a whole lot of north Africa!


Wow, I didn't realize the USA was so huge!

Russian girl

Hey, people! you are so damn narrow-minded. look at Russia! It is the biggest state in the whole world! it is bigger than the USA. How could you be so bad at geography? Stop exalting the USA!!!

Jane Flanagan

Erm hello Canada! Seems to be included in the "USA"?!

Jane Flanagan

Erm hello Canada! Seems to be included in the "USA"?!

Bob Beela

More interesting. Cuba is also included as part of the USA.


I wasn't aware that my country, Canada, had even been invaded let alone annexed by the evil empire to the south. Viva La Resistance!


mine is bigger than yours...


Seems to be a lot of Central America going on there too. Whoever originally made this graphic should maybe stop staring at their pretty little belly-button so much. Or, you know, figure out that whole "continents vs. countries" thing.

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