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It's a great design well executed... but the sound quality isn't very good. OK for use in a small kitchen or mobile home, but don't replace your hi-fi.


What's a... 'CD'? ;)

Manuele De Lisio

Let's give credit to the brilliant minds behind it :)



I see they're on back-order at MoMa store.

swissmiss, and all other New York denizens, these are available to experience and purchase at the Muji store in the New York Times building (along with many other interesting pieces). I believe they have them in several neutral tones.

Tried it there myself and agree with commenter David. Altho it's a fun design and interface the sound quality is not for larger spaces (but still impressive given the size of the overall piece).


Yay! So exciting.


A Muji classic ...a legend really...

but geez, seems a bit obsolete now ......should be a wall mounted iPod dock or something instead of CD...heh...


I had one! Went kapputt within 1 year. Great design, but not reliable...

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