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Shelley Noble

Hi Swiss Miss, I've seen this amazing animation but the paragraph posted above is the most articulate description possible about it. If those are your words, you are one heck of an eloquent writer!


this is absolutely amazing. thanks for finding it.

George O'Connor

This is awesome. Thanks for posting it. I'm going to echo it on my own blog.


For me, the most fascinating thing about this recording, is how Lennon took the time to speak intelligently to a 14 year-old kid who had bluffed his way into Lennon's hotel room. It says a lot about both the participants.


Shelley: The paragraph above is the original description about the movie, as you can read it on the official website ( check "about the movie" here > http://www.imetthewalrus.com/ ).

Yeah, SwissMiss should have mentioned the original link here...

Btw, I Met The Walrus is an amazing production.

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