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melissa vogley woods

So clever! and I just ordered some new cards myself but not quite so, well... brilliant, people are so creative! I love you blog!


I tried to do something similar with a christmas card one year. Using 4 pictures of our son in a london phone booth combined with some folding instructions on the back, it would have been a nice 3D stand-up mini phone booth. Unfortunately I ran out of time to make it work and look perfect so I just used one of the pictures and photoshopped some "graffiti" on the booth that said "happy holiday's" etc.

greg from daddytypes

He went part way there, he should have put

phone: 415-XXX-XXXX
home: 415-YYY-YYYY

on the back.


Really cool! That would make my card stand out!

Señorita Puri

i love them!

Leticia Gomes


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