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helen dardik

That is pure genius! How cool is that?!


OMG. Love it.


Warning: do wear in rain or humid conditions.

is it just me?

renewable my @rse :) What about the felt tip pens you are throwing away in order to colour/recolour your novely dress?


I love this!


I agree that the "renewableness" is a stretch...but i still like the design. A lot.

Prêt à Voyager

Wow! Talk about creative innovation! How fun!


Jessie Cacciola

this brings 'wearable art' to a whole new level. i love it!
- Jessie -


The is insanely brilliant!!


This is the dumbest shit ive ever seen. Now you can take even longer getting ready because you have to wait for stupid pens to bleed. If i ever see someone in this I will have to point and laugh.


do you wear it with the pens?


Thank goodness someone else noticed the not-so-renewable factor involved in the number of pens being trashed. And what about when it rains? I also doubt washing will make that dress as white as new.


love this!


can i buy it???



Mary Anne Davis



thats what bleach is for. ps. rain adds a different effect

Heather Perkins

"do you wear it with the pens?" lol
It would be good to wear if your a pre-school teacher or something...


If the ink stays wet for any amount of time, you'd have to be really careful not to wear a coat or something!

Otherwise, nice idea.


It's a really really cool idea, and it looks amazing. But i have to admit, it's not all that renewable, and really not all that practical.

But props to you for creativity. We need more of that in the fashion industry!


It's a creative idea. (I think kids would have fun with this, too) But I think trashing the pens and using bleach to whiten the fabric (which is an assumption, I admit) moves this out of the range of renewable.

What's the fabric? Organic cotton? Chemically treated to resist stains?

What's the ink?


are you serious? this is your contribution to society? clothes that no one would be caught dead in other than hippie, wannabe pieces of non-artistic trash. cant you put your mental efforts toward something useful or even somewhat interesting? im so sick of this bullshit. this is why china is going to take over the world economy in 10 years- they are studying math, science, and working on endeavors to strengthen their country... we are making dresses out of crayola disasters. thank you for wasting your time... you may have rolled you poo into little balls and thrown it at people.


It's cool but wouldn't the ink bleed into anything you were wearing underneath or if you were wearing a cardigan over the top?!


I think the 'renewable' part of the design refers to the ability to wear the dress multiple times rather than referring to it being eco-friendly.


I think the 'renewable' part of the design refers to the ability to wear the dress multiple times rather than referring to it being eco-friendly.


I think the 'renewable' part of the design refers to the ability to wear the dress multiple times rather than referring to it being eco-friendly.


obviously, the previous comment is right.


can i just say to the people dissing this for not being completely "reusable" or just plain stupid, find another place to vent your rage. this is a BRILLIANT, INNOVATIVE, ARTISTLY GENIUS idea, and should only be encouraged for the future.
You pessismistic arses have your own creative blog?

. . . i'm off to find my felt tips!


When the ink dries, it wouldn't bleed onto anything.


Damn, people do not need to be rude about this.

It's definitely cute and mildly creative, but probably better for a young grade school art teacher since it's more of an "arts n' craft" item rather than real materialistic fashion.

The only other thing I hate more than trash is people who talk trash, they are wasting some time off their life being so angry and criticizing every little detail and trying to reference the world with this.
I don't see them contribute, that's for sure.

Honestly, it's kind of hard to see a future in fashion anyway..
A lot of styles are overused and "renew", is revolution CAPABLE anymore?


It's fun & creative and it made me smile - that's one of the most significant things that sets us apart from China and that will give us a way to survive. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


yes, rain adds the effect of marker ink dripping down your legs.

melissa hedwall

not really all that impressed design-wise. but it is a unique idea.


now about all those gaudy pockets


Does this dress come with a free manikin? If not, it would be very hard to allow the pens to bleed, without the colors also bleeding into the back......Overall, I think the "renewable" factor is more of a novelty than anything actually renewable or eco-friendly. Who really has the time or forethought to bleach, dry, coordinate colors, allow pens to bleed, allow bleeding to dry and then do it all over again, with any regularity? The idea is creative, but the practicality and value in such a dress isn't really there. Plus, the time and money you spend on preparing and cleaning the dress and buying loads of new pens probably makes it cheaper to simply buy new dresses.


Wow...pretty neat. I'm wondering, though, how well the previous colors actually wash out.

Amazing idea and fun.


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Sam I'm 6

I really like it! But will me skin be dotted? can I take the pens out? Are they wash able markers? Do they come in size 6x or 7 slim?


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