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Jag Nagra



This is actually in Chinese.


What if you don't want to get off at that stop? Would they have different compartments for every future stop? Or are passengers somehow able to get to the lower level from those movable upper levels, thereby allowing them to go back up top as their stop approaches?


Love the re-think that goes into this idea. Hope they do work at it and it would surely be refreshing to see it in real life.

Thanks for sharing.


I recently took a 6 hours train trip and I think I would have enjoyed this very much. There were too many stops... Thank god for engineers!

Rizal Akbar

Brilliant !!! it will save a lot of time


This is a great idea! A brilliant start but needs to be polished as various issues arise.

- Speed of main train would be at a constant level but slower than a bullet train or shinkansen.

- Looks like 1 or 2 top hubs allowed for each satellite station. Prevent accidental pile up of hubs in 1 area.

- It seems like its a one ride, one stop and fixed range.

many more...

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