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this is just amazing. so quiet and still. so peaceful but disturbing at the same time.

Prescott Perez-Fox

If this were an American newscast, those presenters would be babbling about puppies and football to pass the seconds. I miss British television news.


I guess it is better then here in the US when they are caught CUSSING! ;-))
That was funny, thanks for sharing!


What do you suppose is on those pieces of paper then?


This is wonderful. Maybe we should all put in a request: No more news, especially the made-up over hyped variety!


this is so amazing! shame it's not longer.


i am just speachless

Oliver Hood

If you liked that, you might want to check out a TV show called 'Time Trumpet' (that Armando Ianucci had something to do with... he had a hand in creating Alan Partridge and Steve Coogan.)

This no mouth moving thing was done there first, I have the feeling that this is possibly a rip-off. I'm prepared to be corrected of course.


I think this one is even more beautiful http://www.wappling.se/1-1-4-.html
(the same movie on http://youtube.com/watch?v=4kjigt_e3gY )


Looking at the comments it's like noone understands its a fake video. Just look at the fly-by text at the bottom.

100% ironic. 0% funny.


this should extend to bloggers as well, maybe to ALL of us chattering creatures.....at least for a day. Just quiet the blathering cacophony for a bit.

.......say what?


They should always do this. Not only is it soothing and beautiful, it's also a lot more informative than most news broadcasts.

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