My name is Tina Roth Eisenberg. I am a 'swiss designer gone NYC'. swissmiss is my visual archive of things that 'make me look'. I am a graphic designer and run my own studio in Brooklyn. Contact me if you would like to team up, have a link suggestion or just want to say hello: submissions {at} swiss-miss.com.


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Martha B.

What a fun collection! :)


OK, now I'm thirsty.
A Pelforth, mmmh...


But where is the 12oz Figgy Fiz?

Adam Johnson

Thanks for sharing, these are great.


Thanks again for posting my collection :)
Figgy Fiz? Sounds interesting! I'll have to look for that one.

Mark Wu

Nice - but how do you get these bottle caps off without bending them? Very carefully?!


Great Collection and very well done photos of each! I have a small collection myself. Some of my favorites are "Jurk" soda and "Chocolate Brownie" bottle caps. I did not see them in your photo. A few of yours that I see would have cork backing. It is amazing that they used cork early in the bottling days.


Wow, that ain't nothing in the fallout universe, (; JK that's a great collection of diverse and colorful caps. Keep the collection going!

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