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I never feel as though you can do a Brooklyn accent unless you were born there. I wasn't born in the city, but live in Brooklyn and hear those "true" accents all the time. Too easy to spoof--too hard to master. To my ear, I think she's really amazing, though. Love the last one--like all the 1930's movies!


The Seattle Accent also sounded like western Canada and was perfect.

The Toronto accent was off though- I've lived in Toronto and it's more what people 'think' Torontonians sound like.

Lingua Franca

Hmm, I was truly impressed until she hit America. Her diction is too crisp to be believable for most American accents and she hasn't quite nailed the American vowels (check the IPA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet). I'm a linguist though, thereby a tough customer.

John Windsor

You can quibble about the accuracy of a particular accent, but what she did was amazing. To switch that quickly, from one to the next, is incredibly impressive. Thanks for posting this!

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