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andy cochrane

I have to say, as a HUGE fan of the Bravia commercials- this is far below their normal quality level. The commercials seem to be on a downward slide from SF bouncy ball and apartment block paint explosiveness to this, with the claymation bunnies and thread on the Pyramids on the downward part of the slope. Bravia commercials are about REAL color in beautiful motion, this CG piece is bland and uninspired by comparison. That said, I am eager to see the foam party one they filmed recently and hope that it will be a return to former glory for the brand. I sound bitter because I am- this is one of my favorite series of commercials of all time, and seeing it slipping into generic territory like this makes me sad.


I have to admit, I really love the New York version with REAL claymation bunnies. It's much more charming than these computer generated creatures. Knowing that each and every rabbit in the first spot was a clay model with it's own stop-motion animator makes it much more impressive and delightful.

The bouncy ball spot is still the benchmark, though.

Director Kobayashi

my name is Kobayashi. I'm a young animation director living and working in London.
This is my latest video. It's a test commercial for Sony Bravia.
My goal was to create a piece without creative constraints, to show freely my personal point of view and style.
The quality it's not comparable to a real Sony campaign, due to the fact that it's a 0$ budget project :-)

I've personally took care about all the production phases, thanks to my 360° skills.
From creativity to shooting, from 3D animation to editing and compositing.
I think this is probably the first viral campaign done to promote a test commercial :-)

Everything started as a "standard" test commercial to expand my director's reel.
I really wanted to do my own piece of the "Sony Bravia" saga, but giving it an unconventional twist.
I also decided to follow the marketing strategy of the brand, landing this teaser on Youtube.
I then sent emails to the press and the blog community, just including the link to the video on YouTube.
The subject was really cryptic "New Sony Bravia teaser???"

With great and unexpected surprise in just 4 days more than 80 blogs published a news about the video.
The reaction was very enthusiastic and most of the audience thought it was a real Sony Bravia teaser campaign...
Enjoy it!


The original Sony ad was already a complete rip-off. Illustrators please beware: http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/blog3/?p=509

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