My name is Tina Roth Eisenberg. I am a 'swiss designer gone NYC'. swissmiss is my visual archive of things that 'make me look'. I am a graphic designer and run my own studio in Brooklyn. Contact me if you would like to team up, have a link suggestion or just want to say hello: submissions {at} swiss-miss.com.


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doug Pine

Unsexy when closed. Unsexy when revealed. The worst of both worlds.

Jono Ellis

This would be ideal for bands on tour or for people who work out of the back of a van. Maybe not for everyone through - it looks sort of coffin like!

Holy Vataha

Oh, I love it...and yes, my first thought was also that it would work for a band and would go perfect in my boyfriend's music studio! He has some large gear that has traveling cases that look similar to this.

Unsexy? It's orange! And did you see the duck!?

M. Katz

Wouldn't you scratch up the backs of your calves?


could it open all the way(bedBOX)?


I don't know what it is... but that is couch is so freaking hot. Both open and closed!


I can't seem to get past the unprofessional upholstery. Orange went out of style before the twins fell.




I would definitely put it on my living-room

nick mun



Gay? Really? Are you in middle school? If your going to insult something, come up with a genuine reason. Don't call an inanimate object a homosexual. Using gay as an insult is juvenile and immature.


reminds me way too much of other swiss designer/artist/architect heinz julen from zermatt. he designed his cube chair some ten or twenty years ago...


Maybe if you actually looked at the concept and stop your insults people you may actually like it. I can only imagine that you insulting people are lonely and you think this is a good release on your own issues. orange is never out of style, especially when it comes to rock band style road cases. Its innovative and unique. To say it was somwone elses idea, is only to coin the idea that every idea is not from some other inspiration. I believe you should try and innovate something with your own hands before you can critique. Infact if you do have something, then let us be awed and wowed by your inspirationaless product. Grow up people and stop your ignorance.

Dan (future gadgets)

Cool. It is a little big, but it is very cool.


needs some refinement...but then again maybe not. i'd like to see the upholstery made to feel like that used in the old trains of england.


Looks like a coffin.


Hahaha nice put a militairy logo on it for nucular wapons or something like arms or ammo buy a fuw and set them in your garden hahaha let the war begin hahaha hoop the fbi or cai come bye hahaha good luck whit it tell me whare you can buy them in the netherlands


Well, i think its kinda cool, and it looks like its very convenient..
That is my opinion..
Oh, and something for you, ShotCaller..you called it gay? well..i AM gay, and i think i'm a very attractive young woman..so, dont use 'gay' as an insult on an OBJECT..well..maybe you justdont have niveau, but..yea..i hope you will be happy in futur, and meet many gay people..maybe you'll learn not to use words like this as an insult against things..
have a great day..haha



I think that the couch look comfortable!!! My teen daughter would love to have one in her room. She has had a rough way to go with her health. This would be something to set her room apart from all the other teens in our small hillbilly town. Wonder if he'd make one for her? Then again, as a single parent and all the medical bills - I'd say the price would be wat tooooo high for me. Keep up the good work though.


It is just amazing.


Gay. Like what, Happy and Carefree? Guess I'd agree. Orange is cheerful and the trunk is a metaphor for freedom ... man.

and gaetan

this couch kicks ass, it's unconventional. i can't stand people who think the norm is the way to go, mix your shit up, this couch would be a kick ass thing to have anywhere in your house, if you have parties you can close it so it doesn't get fucked up and it becomes a bench.

not to mention that it's just plain cool lookin. has a sense of grunge.

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