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that is so cool


Haha, was es doch ned alles git...
Mer chan ja au neustens sini Auge Tätowiere lah..

Crafty Computer Paper

We have had much interest in our inkjet tattoo paper, the above photo was taken by use to show how to use it. I just wanted to mention that we now have Laser tattoo paper which has just been manufactured. it is very very thin and easy to apply. You use it in the same way as the inkjet version. The difference is that it is thinner than the inkjet and you have to use it in a laser printer.
Charlotte from Crafty Computer Paper


and there was much rejoicing


Cool idea.
Though temporary tatoos has to be printed with FDA compliant inks i.e. non-toxic and hypoallergenic cosmetic inks... Is there any issue to apply a handmade tatoo printed with regular inkjet/laserjet ink directly onto the skin ?


Wonderful idea, but FYI this type of paper doesn't work with darker skin. The adhesive paper doesn't "blend" into the skin like the picture above.

Aleks@Funny tattoo pictures

Nice site, I have added it to my favourites, greetings


I have used this paper and it works fine on my skin but created an instant allergic reaction on my daughter skin (she's prone to exczema so sensitive skin). I'm sure it's nothing to do with the paper but the ink but it just needs to be pointed out. The paper eventually wrinkles quite a lot (2nd skin effect)


Pretty interesting, though I prefer the real deal... :)

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