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I saw this in the Times today, and I thought, 'Someone needed an article to tell them this?' Not only are kids not decor, they are decor destructos, unless, of course, your decorator is Fisher Price!

By the way, long-time follower and fan of the blog. Thanks for all the lovely and interesting things you share with us.


is that what our world has come to?
do these people even want children. it's so disturbing.


How wonderful to put aesthetics before a child's safety... Also, is it wrong that the whole time i was reading the article, I was trying to figure out where i might find the rug in this photo??

Anyone recognize it and could tell me where it comes from?

Helen Dardik

I too was thinking about the rug during this read (it is nice).
Sometimes, one has to choose - minimalism or children, perfection visually or safety, you just can't have it both ways. Self absorption and children don't mix.

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