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Great commercial! I will add it to my site (with the "via swissmiss" backlink of course).

Just in case someone doesn't know it, the part in this commercial with the sugar cubes and the coffee seems to be honoring a classic ad from Honda that is NOT done with CGI and took 600 shots to get done... that classic is know as "Parts" and you can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddbPoZjDaOA

Thanks for the lead, San :)


I swear I love, love, love visiting your site everyday. There isn't a day that I come here and NOT find something fascinating! This is one of my faves!


Garrison Keillor! Mark Mothersbaugh! I am in heaven.


I adore all of Honda's adverts - you can tell them from a mile away as they're so innovative and different. The famous 'Cog' advert made me go out and buy that car! (Not bad for making a £23,000 purchase!?)

This one is so clever, and I also love the problemplayground.com website - things to solve and find out, lots of interaction. Brilliant.


LOL the ad I was referring to is your YouTube link above - the famous advert (known as 'Cog' not 'Parts' - at least in the UK) for the beautiful Honda Accord (great car by the way!)

I actually got that advert on DVD with the car! It shows the making of, behind-the-scenes etc - very cool.


Oooh...that gave me goosebumps. I love seeing genius at work.


Garrison Keillor! Mark Mothersbaugh! I am in heaven.

Ditto ;-)


The cog advert is heavily based on this brilliant art video by Fischli and Weiss, I hope they got some money out of Honda!
It's even more brilliant
and they are Swiss!

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