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one of the greatest photographers of 20th century had already done it during a whole year, back in the '80s i think. his name was Luigi Ghirri, do you know him?

Craig Mische

What a great idea. I love it.

Allistair Burt

Nice Sky photos - I did a similar thing myself a couple of years ago.

I took one photo of the sky every day for a year, wherever I was, Glasgow, New York, London, Stockholm etc.

I had just completed a full 365 days and was in the middle designing a related exhibition, when my computer went kaboom and I lost lot. Double bad luck - the back up CD I made didn't work. Doh.

Not had the heart to restart it again. Though I did find half a dozen on an old CD the other day and have posted them on my blog.

joanna goddard

looks less gray then i thought it would!


i'm currently doing it..starting from Jan 1st 2008 - the very last day of the year. and if people want i can send it to them...here's the guff.

I WILL SEND YOU A PHOTOGRAPH OF THE SKY FOR EVERYDAY IN 2008. THIS IS AN OPEN EDITION OF 366 4X6 PRINTS (2008 IS A LEAP YEAR). I will mail you the prints intermittently depending on how I feel. I may mail you one at a time as a post-card. I may mail you a whole weeks worth in one envelope. By the beginning of 2009 you will have 366 skies. Each print will be stamped with the date on the back. A list of locations with their correlating dates will be printed at the end of the year. I want you to keep them in a pile so that they become a slowly growing sculpture, which I think would look nice.


this is lovely. reminds me a little bit of sky tv by yoko ono.

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