My name is Tina Roth Eisenberg. I am a 'swiss designer gone NYC'. swissmiss is my visual archive of things that 'make me look'. I am a graphic designer and run my own studio in Brooklyn. Contact me if you would like to team up, have a link suggestion or just want to say hello: submissions {at} swiss-miss.com.


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Michael Shepherd

Yes, art is beauty and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I like the snowman, regardless.
I host art workshops on the Greek island of Paros--we don't have one for snowman building, but check out our other offerings at http://www.ParosParadise.com/workshops.htm



That you knew it was a non-conformist statement reveals your intention, and you complete the piece here with your cynical denial of its artistic content. Brilliant!

Reminds me of Calvin's handiwork:


"Art is beauty" - really? I thought it was a fashion accessory for rich morons.

David Shrigley knows it is all just a game


You should have charged him for it.


Lol. what a cute lil' guy. He landed on his head. ow :(

David Shrigley

If you like that, you might like other David Shrigley stuff ...

joanna goddard

haha, what a funny quote....love the snowman.

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