My name is Tina Roth Eisenberg. I am a 'swiss designer gone NYC'. swissmiss is my visual archive of things that 'make me look'. I am a graphic designer and run my own studio in Brooklyn. Contact me if you would like to team up, have a link suggestion or just want to say hello: submissions {at} swiss-miss.com.


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That guy is such an, excuse my french, idiot.

Beerzie Boy

Nice design, but this guy's 15 seconds has been 14.99 seconds too long.


Although I don't mind the design, I feel bad even looking a this! It means I'm giving even more attention to this (as James says) idiot.


It made me laugh the first time I saw it and it makes me laugh now... the speed with which a t-shirt was whipped up astounds me!


Okay, I'm laughing this time, Tina. A vast impovement on the original.


i have to agree with james. this guy is a moron! ...and give aussies a bad name.

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