My name is Tina Roth Eisenberg. I am a 'swiss designer gone NYC'. swissmiss is my visual archive of things that 'make me look'. I am a graphic designer and run my own studio in Brooklyn. Contact me if you would like to team up, have a link suggestion or just want to say hello: submissions {at} swiss-miss.com.


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Anna @ D16

Gosh. I've been using Photoshop professionally for 12+ years, but I never knew what the trim command was for (and, of course, never bothered to find out!). As it turns out, it's pretty handy! I'm going to start using it today. Thank you!


I'm always surprised that more people don't know about that little tool... It's quite handy!


thanks. very useful.

Jen Montgomery

Thanks for sharing. I never knew.

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