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Hahaha, brilliant!

Real life metaphor adapted for computers, back into the real life!


This is so Hot!!!!


This is so Hot!!!!


I've seen this before someplace and I'm almost sure it's just a concept. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to recreate using sheetmetal or ABS.


Amazing! 'd love to see also hidden folders (the standard ones painted blue)

anna maria lopez lopez

Great concept! I only miss the Start bar :)

Jason Smith

They should have like a button or a switch or something on each folder that when you press it once it closes all others and slightly opens the one you pressed and when you press it twice it opens it completely.


@Cheesie -How about a Start button that turns on a directional light to light up the 'desktop'?

And are the folders velcro so you can rearrange? I would move the mouse arrow to point at the folder I last took something out of to remind me to put it back.
Sounds fun :)


Du schreibst den Name des Folds auf Deutsch? Toll!

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