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i ride a strida 3.2 and now somehow feel cooler knowing that you ride one too!

Tom Soule

Hi There , I,m interested in possibly buying The Strida 5.....do you know who sells them in the U.S.A........Thanks Tom


I'm currently testing a Strida 5 and will be posting a review shortly. Meanwhile, I've posted the first in a series of photos of my yellow Strida 5 folding bike as well as assembly details and my initial impressions of this cool product ...

Strida 5 Folding Bike Unboxed

Vesa Pehkonen


I am looking VERY LIGHT wheels to my ultralight plane. What is Strida 5.0
front wheel weight with hydraulic brake?

Besst regards
Vesa Pehkonen


The disc brakes are mechanical, not hydraulic. The whole Strida 5.0 weighs 9 kg (19.4 pounds), but if you only want the front wheel, I have no idea what that weighs. You can buy 16-inch spoked wheels at many bike shops.

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