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I completely agree. I'm in my 30s, and still vividly remember 2 instances in Kindergarten: One, I received an F on a coloring page for using the side of crayon instead of the point. Two, I got in trouble for turning my alphabet into animals. I don't know if I'll ever get over it!


So fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I've always believed this.
In high school I dropped every artistic endeavor to focus on math and science for I believed that there was no point in going for a career in the arts for I'd never make it.

I'm loving that you turned all your letters in to animals Heather! I too remember being constantly corrected for holding my pencils the wrong way.


I have two children and he is so right with everything he is saying.
Thanks for this video. I will read his book, too.


Thank you.


Two words: Waldorf Education
Note to those who turned their letters into animals: In Waldorf schools, first grade children learn to write the alphabet as animals first...

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