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That's a sextapus - an octopus would have 8 tentacles, or else would be in posession of completely asinine nomenclature and taxonomy.


I have to say, I'm not a fan of this idea in practice, while admitting it is a cute concept. First, if there is a beach nearby where it is that easy to find eight (or seven) plastic bottles of roughly the same volume, I'm not too keen on having my kid run around on it. Also, I doubt they would all be nice and clean/germ-free, as pictured.

Assuming we put that aside, I don't think the answer to too much plastic waste in the world is to manufacture another lump of plastic that will eventually be tossed out.

I do like many of the other designs on that site.

pink mango

sorry - super dumb idea !!


Well, I like the idea. Being on a beach contradicts "germ free" anyway. And I do not think the sextapus would suffer from having an assortment of different bottles attached.

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