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Elizabeth Z

You may not be able to get the Swiss hammock, but you can get an Australian one that comes with a frame. We had an Amby baby hammock and loved, loved, loved it. We also used it as a travel bed (although it's bulky for that and the NTSA always searched our luggage, what with the giant metal tubes...)


Happy birthday to Ella!
The Zewi Blanket sounds intriguing. Have you used it?

Don Kilpatrick

Thanks for the heads up on these! The "skip- Hop" changing pad is way cool, gotta get one of those!


The Skip Hop changer is indeed ccol. Also, I couldn't quite bring myself to shell out the cash for the Candeloos - we found great substitutes at Ikea, $12.50 for rechargeable rubber lights that look like little beings in red, green, or blue. There is also a groovy (lit) bird mobile there now. Also $12.50.

I am thankful we don't need the yoga ball too much.


Just bought the Sleep Sheep from Amazon in UK - pricier here but already loving it as having major sleep tantrums with our 13 week old, and it does seem to soothe her a bit especially the heartbeat sound...also looks VERY cute on her crib! Thanks for the recommendation!


Great tips

We are looking for a new baby nest few mnoths and these tips and ideas will be really helpfull


Both the Candeloo lights and the Ergo Baby Carrier can be ordered from http://www.baby-bean.com - take a look, I'm sure you'll like some of the other products there too!


I live in New Zealand, and can't get hold of the Zewi blanket. After looking around for a bit, I found something really similar at www.snugsheet.co.nz. As far as I can tell, it's the only thing like that available there.

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