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OMG. That is SO cool.

Di Overton

It's one of those designs that make you think - why has no one thought of that before?

Andrew Denny

Better still, why not have the steps as lids (that you lift up)?

That way, you'd only need hinges. Drawers require a lot more 'engineering' and careful manufacturing/fitting.


so simple but so amazing. i want to go home and start sawing open my 100 year old steps... or maybe not.


Brilliant idea, the only problem at the moment is I'm living in a bottom floor flat but I'm sure they won't mind upstairs!

Vincent 2L2T

Same idea in my house, short movie here :

Jean Bernard La Mouette

Great !! Brilliant idea


Love this idea - but how does one go about installing into pre-created stairs? It seems an impossibility unless it's factored into the original housing plans.

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