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Jeri Dansky

Wow - that makes me want to hop on a plane tomorrow!

There was just the little issue of where in the Czech Republic I'd be going! I've been able to determine that this is almost certainly kostela sv. Bartoloměje v Chodovicích, in the town of Chodovice - and I finally found Chodovice on a map.

Daniel Hertlein

Yeah, that's gorgeous and I tend to be very conservative about church design. I've often thought that there was unexplored potential in juxtaposing the cross symbol with pure white and blood red and this is really the first time I've seen something approaching my mind's eye. There's both a quietness and a majesty at work here. Mesmerizing is the right word.




that is amazing! I'd love to travel there JUST to see this church. I wonder what the people of the parish think of it.


That's really gorgeous...great find!


Beautiful and appropriate. Thank you for sharing this one.


The seats look real comfortable. Having seats this good, would people be tempted to seal them? I want one for my living room. :P


The sweep of the Panton chairs reminds me of the flowing white habits that nuns used to wear.

Sarah Johnstone

are you guys sure this is st bartholomew's in Chodovicích? i've just telephoned the qubus office in prague and they told me it was st bart's in prague....

which is in a convent and i've been told it's closed to the public. (although i will continue to make enquiries.)

sorry to burst the bubble! i was quite excited about it myself

Sarah Johnstone

but then again, looking online, maybe i got the work experience person at qubus, because the church in chodovivich does seem to have those same chairs...

sorry about that.. hmmm.

Vietnam tour operator

Exotic Ho Chi Minh City, still referred to as 'Saigon' by many, has preserved its distinctly Asian feel and ancient culture, where monks pray in the numerous pagodas, temples and mosques. The capital Hanoi, is a pleasant and charming city of lakes, shaded boulevards and public parks. The old quarter, built around the Hoan Kiem Lake, is an architectural museum-piece characterised by its narrow streets. Ha Long Bay, with its 3000-plus islands rising from the clear, emerald waters, dotted with beaches and grottoes created by waves, is one of Vietnam's natural marvels.


wow, great article, thank you so much for sharing this great project. There's something especially beautiful about combing the old and the new. Love this installation, makes me want to go to church just seeing how a space is transformed. Great work! I really enjoy reading through your articles and am looking forward to being a regular reader. Would love your input on my design blog, hope it's okay that I put you in as link.

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