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andy rutledge

It's not food for thought, it's food for idiots and morons and I'm sorry to see you supporting this sort of propaganda here.

how telling that you come to the US to live and have a good life, and yet here you are supporting this kind of stuff.

I wont 'miss' the 'swiss' for sure


Don't listen to those guys...

First off, It's GOOD INFORMATIONAL DESIGN, and secondly, it is something to think about. It reminds us that perhaps you shouldn't believe everything the government tells you (secret prisons, wiretapping, torture, WMDs, etc).

You can argue with the conclusions (the start of WWIII? yikes!), but I think the information is accurate. It goes along with the speech of President Eisenhower in 1961 who warned against the "military industrial complex".

This is documented in the documentary "Why We Fight".

Nice Post.


Fantastic Stuff, this is what 95% of the rest of the world are thinking. And it hit's the reality head on. Good to see that you haven't been brainwashed over there like so many others ;-) If the US would just stay home 70% of the problems of this planet would be solved right away.


bad info with flash is still a bad thing

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