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i already got a copy of his book and it's fantastic~!

Patricia Muñoz

International project Mail Art

I will be realized some contest of mail art eventually by a different topic in each one but related between. After I will be realized a virtual exhibition in www.patriciamunoz.com; with the set of works an artist's book and a work I will be realized. When I arranges of sufficient material an itinerant exhibition will be realized in galleries of Barcelona and in the cities of the participants. In the exhibition the works will appear of mail art received, the artist's books and works realized.

I International Contest of Mail Art - " Self-portrait vs Interiorization "
Patricia Muñoz invites to take part in the I International Contest of Mail Art with the topic "Self-portrait vs interiorización" to realize later a virtual exhibition in the same web with all the received works and a project of interchange.

The contest is open and flexible to all the artistic expressions: painting, drawing, narrative, visual poetry, poetry, engraving, photography, collage .. etc and styles.

Topic: "Self-portrait vs interiorization"
Deadline: On June 30, 2007
Number of works: there is no limit of works.
Address: Patricia Muñoz. Apartado de Correos n º 146. 08200 Sabadell. Barcelona. Catalonia. Spain
Measured: Postal or Free
Sending: Without envelope!
The works will not be returned
Documentation will be sent to all the participants
Information to attaching in the work: Name of artist, Address, Age and Mail

Finality: Mail Art assembles to the major quantity of works of Mail Art concerning around the presented topic, the Self-portrait vs Interiorization. I will realize a project on the above mentioned topic, realizing an artist's book where I will gather all the received works and a work to major format. Later I will forward my works of mail art to the participants, creating this way an interchange. Finally there will be realized a virtual exhibition, showing each of the received and sent works, the artist's book and the final project.

Patricia Muñoz
[email protected]

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