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I'm the only one thinkin about Little Britain?


I'm the only one thinkin about Little Britain?


Don't you mean Wee Britain?
And no, you're not the only one. RIP, AD.

T. Jean

Oh.. The Soko song "I will never love you more than.." goes so perfectly with this post.


I thought of Little Britain straight away. It's too bad that I can't post most of their I love you more thans.

Courtney Kuehn

What, if any, is the 'end' product? Is this part of research to generate ideas for a card/interactive card?

Is there somewhere these can be read?


Hey everyone,

thanks for your comments... come view the results at http://iloveyoumorethanblank.blogspot.com/ !

we love you more than the week end

laureen + yuliya

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