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John Ford

You're very welcome and thank you for being so wonderful!


Its a pity Amazon only ship this item to the US.

Jen Mizgata

To respond to Cherie- Harrods UK is carrying the bags any day now!


While the concept of the bag is marvelous, it's a shame that only 20 of the 59 dollars is spent on starving kids. I almost bought one myself, but the thought of 20 dollars feeding a starving child for a year struck me as heavy on feel good advertising for an attractive 40 dollar bag, instead of really being about taking care of the kids.

My other equivalent pet peeve is the feminine hygiene product that says that by purchasing their product, you can guarantee a female african student won't have her education interupted during her time of the month.

Corporate poitical correctness, bothers me deeply when it's about their profit prior to actusl service of the issues they exploit.

(I really do apologize for being a downer on your wonderful blog.)

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