My name is Tina Roth Eisenberg. I am a 'swiss designer gone NYC'. swissmiss is my visual archive of things that 'make me look'. I am a graphic designer and run my own studio in Brooklyn. Contact me if you would like to team up, have a link suggestion or just want to say hello: submissions {at} swiss-miss.com.


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I like number 2 (in my humble opinion). Greetings from Chile! great blog, love it.


02 !

kurt m

number 3 gets my vote


I like number two as well. Very striking I think.

kelly Beall

#2. the type thickness feels right with the stroke around the symbols.


hmm I think number 2. Greetings from Poland:)

Ian Smith

I like #1 or #2... probably #2 the best.


definitely #2


I love #1 and #2!


#3 all the way.


i like #2.

am i decoding the cross and star correctly? cross = switzerland (obvious) — star = america?

Mike Arauz

#1 - it feels more serious than the others, and provides a nice counterpoint to the fun name "swissmiss"

S. Ting

#3 is my choice. There's something striking about the symmetry that's almost there but not really there.


Sorry, Tina, but the new logo design makes me think Swiss Navy Lube, not high-fashion-swiss-blogging.

Otherwise, I love the first one. The thinner font is much more elegant the the other two, and it makes a better contrast with the graphic than the second concept.




i don't like any of these. I think you can do much better. They are all variations on one idea and they seem kind of generic. Seems to me that your blog is part quirk, part premium. How about some more varying sketches? You can do it!


2. The optical similarity of line thickness of the cartouche and the text is pleasing. The others look a bit forced, whereas that one is natural and just appears more... Swiss.


what if you took the "swiss" of #1 and the "miss" of #2 and combining the thin type with the bold type. I think the icons are cool, but kind of look like the nintendo logo.


I'm torn between 1 and 2 but I'm leaning slightly towards number 2. Even then though, I think you could do better.


#2 and dont ask the crowd.

Marcelo Wolfgang

I came here (from the feed ) to vote for number 3, but changed my mind to #2!!!

Tom S.


John Mark Engle

I personally like #2. #3 reminds me too much of the the Macy's logo.


definitely #2!!!


choosing from those 3 my favourite is #2!


#2 for sure!


I'd say #1 feels good, though the stroke scale seems to different between bug and the text, and it doesn't look like it would scale well.
I like #2 for it's "color" and it looks like it would scale better, but the dots of the "i" are distracting. Though I'd still look at the line weight on the bug.
#3 makes me think of a girls t-shirt

I suppose you have to use Helvetica ;)

Have you tried the swiss cross between swiss and miss?



# 3 is the best because it fully integrates the design elements into one coherent type treatment. It is elegant and sophisticated.


all are weak.

Josh M

Being a geek at heart I think the first and second one remind me a little too much of video games (original NES, with the d-pad/plus sign on the left, or super nintendo since it's rounded)

#3 - Like it but another poster had the same thought as me, reminds me a lot of the macy's logo.

But, if i had to pick between those 3 i would still go with the third one even with the slight macy's reference.

Oh and I love the star, so much that I already have one tattooed on my hand...


#3 - simple and clean.

Bogart, H.


i think the density of the text is better. and the +/* are more clearly different when placed next to each other, than in #3 where at a glance it just looks like red hilites on the 'i'


I'd choose either the first or second option. The logotype looks as if it belongs together with the mark, as it is supposed to. The third option doesn't look to me like the red icons want to be with the black letters :).


Number 3 is much more in adequacy with the Web site.
Simple and elegant.


#2 mag ich!

Alex Giron

Love the simplicity of #3


I'd choose #3. The star and cross sit in with the type really well. Someone else said that much more elegantly than I could. In contrast, I think in the first two the graphic and the text feel too separate.
I like the finer type in the first, very elegant, so perhaps you could look at lightening up the font weight in #3.
Someone suggested putting the Swiss cross between Swiss and Miss, which I initially thought might work, but could read "Swiss plus Miss" so I've ditched that one.
Hmm. I don't envy you :)


Why don't you consider going with your current favicon? I think it's pretty great.

Still, I like #2.


what about something between 1 and 2?

#1 font and size works best for me, but the thickness of the icons kinda takes away from the clean look of the name (--and yes, now that someone mentionned it , it does remind me of video games symbols)

#2 and although too bold for me---I like they are the same thickness

Great blog...cant live without it:)

a swissmiss gone LA


My vote goes to #3 too - simple and effective, with equal parts of sw+ss and m*ss :-)


My preference is number three. I am an avid reader of swissmiss and I enjoy visiting it because I know you always pick up on things that are beautiful as well as usefull additions to one's life. The third logo expresses that well by using the plus and star as dots for the i's. Beautiful and Useful.

Also, number one and two seem heavy on the icon or technology side. The star and plus within an oval remind me of the wii.

good luck!


#3 !!!


2, 3, 1: in order of preference, favorite = 2 :)

Jason B.

Number 2 FTW.


#3, #2, then #1.


#3 is the one for me....

Jeff Carlson

I like #3. The blob at left on #1 and #2 looks like a Nintendo controller or something.

Silus Grok

The typeface for 2 and 3 is spot-on: legible, bold, and just "European" enough. The glyph treatment in 3, though, is a little odd. I like the glyph in 2... but it reminds me of a video game controller — specifically Nintendo's.

Have you thought of using a different shape for the badge behind the + and * ? A rectangle... maybe a slightly arched rectangle (like the shoulder badges that scouts wear)?

Just a thought.

I love the subtle symbolism, though... + = Swiss, * = American.

Le Sceptique

3,2,1, in order of pref.

I'm swiss too, from Basel. Now in Spain since I was 7 (now 20).

I really enjoy your blog. Bye!


i like 2 and 3, but i vote for #3 because i think it has a bit more sass than 2.

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