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Oh my! I just visited the Colgate site. I had to run away from it quickly lest the colors get burned into my retinas!

Love the Colgate 360! I've been using it for about a month now...even my kids are into it, especially the tongue scrubber.


the downside, and what me held from buying it, is: the batteries are not disposable. where do you throw it away?


I ve one of em. Nice one.


Your post made me go out and buy a 360. Now I can't stop talking about it. Love it, love it.


After years and years of using the freebie toothbrushes from the dentist and dollar store specials, I finally treated myself to a Colgate 360. Like you, I was so pleased with it! I had to tell all my friends at work about it the next day. (Like they cared.) The grip is excellent, and I love the tongue cleaner.

To anne, who posted above: There are no batteries in this toothbrush..?

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