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Joe Moran

Ms. Eisenberg,

All the posts above this one aren't *clickable.*

?!?!? Is it just me?

Very Respectfully,

tyler galloway

notice the types of kids that are using the product. longer hair, backwards camo hat, skater, slightly white trashy. curious. do they have a photo of a girl giving her friend a tat on the small of her back?

btw: love your blog. lots of good tidbits :)


As a parent, this product really scares me.

But I'm not sure why because so many of my friends and family members have tattoos.


Bonjour, où est-il possible de se procurer ce produit en France ou se le faire expédier en France depuis l'étranger ?

D'avance merci de votre aide.


i think all of you people are small minded meaningless snakes ! as a tattoo artist i can confidently say you people have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Where did you come to the conclusion that tattoo artists have to be white trash ? i come from a wholesome italian family, my father makes 6 figures a year, we volunteer at our church, serve at soup kitchens during holidays, i even donate 20% of all my earnings to charity. Until all of you educated non-white trash individuals open your eyes and welcome yourselves to the world, stop talking down on tattoo artists until you know all the facts behind it..tattooing is a means of expression through art..just the same as some may paint a portrait, i would draw a portrait....just on someone's skin permanently apposed to on a canvas. tattooing is an art form that anyone in the industry takes very seriously and puts everything they have into. tattoo artists aren't bad people..those who badmouth others are the bad ones !

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